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Empower.Me Strong! is focused on healing programs and events for increasing mindfulness, building confidence, and strengthening the immune system to prevent cancer and the recurrence of cancer in women. We bring awareness of complementary and integrative health by making these services affordable for women. We bring learning and healing experiences designed for women healing from cancer to local, regional and national metropolitan areas.



We offer women healing from cancer financial assistance with complementary and integrative health treatments from one or more of our Network Providers of licensed practitioners, therapists, doctors, and professionals. Women qualify with their annual family income at or below 500% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for the year.


Our goal is to build a Network of Complementary and Integrative Health practitioners, therapists, healers and other professionals to provide direct treatments to our community. Women may see someone from our Provider Network or invite their existing health providers to become part of our network. The Provider Network is an annual fee-based membership that will assist with administrative and overhead costs. Practitioners will be included in our online searchable database and will have opportunities to showcase their experience and specializations online and through our in-personal events.


The Expressive Arts Program is designed exclusively for women healing from cancer by women thrivers. This a 7-week program that meets weekly in a virtual space. Women healing from cancer are participants as thriving models of the program, where they explore common themes together and individually using the expressive arts. The Program includes a community performance project called Runway, where the thriving models may share their expressive arts projects and take part in a choreographed scene about their work. As part of the performance project process, the thriving models are invited to explore their personal wardrobes as expressions of themselves. Women, who have been diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, are invited to participate by completing the Model Participation Form


The Expressive Arts Groups are designed for women who have experienced a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. The group engages expressive arts processes and meets bi-weekly (every other week) to explore themes and pertinent issues of their cancer journeys. This is a virtual group format, where participants may attend anytime from anywhere. No Fee. Registration is required for each session. Sign Up Here to learn more.


Wisdom Connection holds an integral role within the organization and nonprofit activities. The Program is a mixture of virtual and in-person activities that focus on and foster universal wisdom and growth; it is a place where more expansive topics can be explored. Wisdom Connection may also support those with metastatic cancer.



This hybrid (virtual/in-person) event showcases an array of Complementary and Integrative Health practitioners. Presentations focus on various topics of integrative healing with select presentations specific to healing from cancer. The Summit is a 1-day event held in-person and on a virtual platform for global outreach.


This hybrid (virtual/in-person) event showcases an array of Expressive Arts practitioners. Presentations may focus on multi-modalities in the Expressive and Creative Arts. The Summit is a 1-day event held in-person and on a virtual platform for global outreach.


Wellness Synergy! is our annual event for women and those facing cancer to learn from practitioners, doctors, therapists, healers, and others on various complementary and integrative health topics including the expressive arts. The Synergy! may include information on preventative measures and cancer screenings for early detection. The event is a 2- to 3-day event dovetailed with the Expressive Arts Program and Runway. This is an opportunity for engagement, locally and nationally, amongst professionals, practitioners, patients along with their family and friends.


Runway is a community project for the Expressive Arts Program. Our thriving models showcase their journeys during a 7-week program through their expressive arts work, individuality using their personal wardrobes, hair styles and makeup. Runway consists of three themes that are developed by the thriving models during the Expressive Arts Program. Thriving models work on learning the scenes and are invited to collaborate by inserting their own movement expressions and personal character styles. In addition to the virtual group sessions, participants are required to attend in-person rehearsals and participate in the in-person evening presentation of the Runway. It is a celebratory and healing event for our participants, while they share and gather with friends, family, healthcare teams and the general public within their local communities.


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